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A man around the world

In Island

In its 24 years lifespan, the Porsche Club 928 France has welcomed many passionate 928-ists, including Philippe Delaporte, who became member in 2011 and is honorary member of the Porsche Club 928 France. He is a tireless globetrotter aboard his Porsche 928 GT. This is the story of this man with an extraordinary career and an infectious passion that Porsche Club 928 France has decided to present to you with great pride.

Philippe Delaporte has been a member of the Porsche Club 928 France since July 2011. Honorary member since 2017 for his exceptional presentation of our Club's model through his travels. He is a man with a communicative passion, a friendly spirit that characterises so well the Porsche spirit of the Clubs of our favourite brand.

In extreme heat

Fascinated by the Porsche brand since 1970 and by the 917's first victory at Le Mans, his passion for the Porsche 928 dates back to 1978 when he saw one regularly parked in the town where he lived in the west of Paris. He admired this car first of all for its futuristic lines, incomparable to any other GT, but also for its V8 engine. Since then, he had promised himself that one day he would own one – as well as 2 other cars of passion – which was achieved thirty years later with the acquisition of a 928 GT from 1989. This car was in such exceptional condition that its owner had warned him that he would not let him drive it on the day of their appointment.

A stop in Japan

After a few years of happiness with this car, one of his sons asked him to make a road trip in the spirit of those he had made in his youth with a 4L, a Renault 4, through more than 30 countries including a crossing of Africa. So they decided to prepare the 928, which has been transformed from its perfect collector's condition into an adventurous version ready to go to the ends of the earth, on roads that are not always in good condition and for which it was never really intentionally designed for.

These modifications consisted of raising the ground clearance, installing a protective shielding under the engine, fitting protective grilles on the headlights and indicators, fixing 2 spare wheels, one of which is on the roof, removing the rear seats in favour of storage boxes and jerry cans, installing a roll bar and comfortable bucket seats, fitting M+S type tyres for snow and mud, the installalation of 2 GPS units... All the mechanics have remained original, with a very major overhaul and many parts replaced with new components.

The car has been on 3 major trips without assistance, only 1 car with 2 drivers, with the sons taking turns:

1- 2011: Central Asia, 24,000 km bound for the Silk Road through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran.
2- 2016: Around the world, 35,000 km from Paris to New York via Moscow, Vladivostok, Tokyo, Anchorage and New York, with 2 sea crossings by car in containers across the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
3- 2021: Iceland, 5,000 km around Iceland after a sea crossing from Denmark with a stopover in the Faroe Islands.To date, the 928 has crossed 38 countries and covered 64,000 km all over the world and outside France, all without a puncture or breakdown.

On the way to the polar circle

On these journeys, the car traversed mythical roads such as the Silk Road, the Trans-Siberian Road in its entirety (11,000 km) and the Alaska Highway in its entirety (2,500 km). It has reached incredible sites and places, such as the Arctic Circle in Alaska, Death Valley in the USA, Lake Baikal in Russia, Mount Fuji in Japan, Mount Mac Kinley in Alaska, Persepolis in Iran, passing through 33 very different capitals, ranging from Tehran to Tokyo, from Washington to Moscow...

We can't get our heads around it, Philippe and his 928 are once again ready to set off on new adventures, projects are underway...

To be continued.