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Falling in Love with “Violet”

Sung Woo Han lives in the city of Sungnam-Si and is a member of Porsche Club Korea.

My name is Sung Woo Han, and I live in the city of Sungnam-Si. I am a member of the Porsche Club Korea.

I would like to introduce my beloved Ultra Violet GT3 RS, a 2016 model with approx. 9,000 miles.

From the moment I first saw it until today, this ultra violet car always makes my heart race.
It is a circuit machine, a beast with a very loud sound.

I do a lot of driving with my daughter, Yoonji. She is 10 years old and she also likes the RS very much. Every Sunday we drive together for breakfast. Sometimes we go to a movie and even race on the circuit making many memories.

My love will be forever with my daughter. May we drive for a long, long time.