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Senior Prom 356 rental “hooked me”

1970 was my senior prom. A year or two before that, my then brother-in-law had purchased a 1965 Ruby Red SC Coupé. The car was beautiful, and I wanted to drive it. I asked my brother-in-law if there was any possibility of driving my date to our senior prom in Anaheim, California. For a nominal fee and my commitment to drive carefully, he rented it to me for the evening. I was hooked!

A few years later, I bought a used 1968 912 in need of a paint job and some refreshing. I was so very excited to be driving my own Porsche. During the next few years, I and some friends had it professionally painted (I did the preparatory sanding). It was a great experience living in Southern California, driving and updating that car. A few years later I was able to purchase a 1964 356 SC that had been “outlawed”. The numbers had been replaced with nerf bars, it had a brush exhaust, and the Carrera side moulding had been added along with Fuchs alloys. It was of course Ruby Red and it was quite the cool car. I have fond memories of driving it to work daily on the Pacific Coast Highway from our home in Huntington Beach to Long Beach…

Our two sons were born, making it necessary to purchase a minivan, and a more business-friendly company car brought on a sad decision to sell the 356. A few years later, I “dipped back into things Porsche” with a gold-coloured 1985 944, a fun car indeed. Through all the years, transfers, growing family, etc., etc., I never lost the passion for the 356. So, finally, around 25 years ago, the opportunity to buy my dream car came into reality. I bought a fully stock 1962 Ruby Red Coupe Super 90 model. Now living in Washington State, I was pleased to join and participate regularly in our 356 Group Northwest Club and drive on many of the amazing roads in the region. I recently had a 5-month total mechanical restoration completed by Heckmann & Thiemann in Portland. Now retired, I look forward to continuing my participation in the Club activities. I’m so fortunate that our youngest son (now in his thirties) loves to drive the car as well, and when I’m no longer able to drive it (hopefully many years away…), it’ll be his to enjoy.