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Porsche Pilot for 52 Years

Mark Leuzinger lives in Maple, North Carolina and is member of the First Settlers Region of the PCA.

How I was suckered in by a test drive.

I had a 1970 Datsun 240Z on order, but after 6 months I gave up waiting for it. The nearest Porsche dealer was 80 miles away and I went there and test drove a 914 and 914-6. I couldn't believe the handling and bought my first Porsche a few days later, a willow green 914. It was Christmas Eve, 1970 and I joined the Porsche Club of America that same day. I have more or less continuously owned a Porsche ever since.

My past Porsches include: 914, 914-6, 1972 911S (I had this one for 20 years), 1998 993 C2S, 2006 Cayman S, 2016 Cayman GTS, 1964 356 C, 1986 944 Turbo, 1997 911 Carrera, 1987 928 S4, 1965 901 (VIN 300004 – The one in the Porsche Museum is 300057). I also raced a 914 in SCCA E Production and had a Porsche Mooney aircraft for several years. You have to love the tail number, N911GT.

I am currently on my 14th Porsche, a 1987 928 S4. I was a service manager at a Porsche Audi Mercedes dealership when rumors of the 928 started to circulate. Our Porsche factory rep called and told me he had a car he wanted me to drive. He came out the next day with a pre-production 928. It didn’t even have a VIN label. After driving it, I promised myself that I would someday own one. It took 44 years, but I did it. The styling still looks fresh, and did I mention the sound of that V8 engine?