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Four years after the initial launch of GTS Routes – we are proud to introduce you to ROADS BY PORSCHE as the next evolutionary stage of the Porsche Route Community.

ROADS BY PORSCHE is supposed to become the world's leading app for scenic routing. Thanks to the built-in custom designed turn-by-turn navigation, the application offers direct access to the world’s most epic roads. It allows you to easily record your own favorite routes and share them with likeminded people. An integrated content magazine combines a variety of interesting topics with the daily growing route catalogue.

We have created ROADS BY PORSCHE for those, that consider driving more than just transportation. In enables you to explore the most spectacular routes on this planet together with the community of passionate drivers and aims at becoming the ultimate “scenic routing tool” with global availability.

Together, we will turn ROADS BY PORSCHE into the most vibrant platform of its kind.

The application is now available free of charge on the AppStore. A lot of new functionalities will be added over the upcoming weeks, e.g. CarPlay compatibility and a version for Android.


  • Record your own routes and share them with the community of likeminded people
  • Access the constantly growing user generated catalogue of epic routes with more than 1,000 user-approved roads
  • Enjoy a unique content magazine that interlinks knowledge with the physical act of driving