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Llandrindod Wells, Wales, Great Britain
10/6 –12/6/2022

Wales welcomes the Porsche 914 International to the scenic heart of Mid Wales in 2022 ... come chase our Dragons!

Steeped in mystic history stretching back to the days of King Arthur, the land of dragons is truly a unique and beautiful place. Wales is a country attached to the west of England, and about 8,000 square miles in size, making it the smallest of the three major collective British 'countries.'

With exciting landscapes from wild rugged coastline, rolling green hills, and stunning mountainous national parks, Wales - The Land of the Dragon, also has a distinctive Welsh language and Celtic culture.

“Cymru'n croesawu'r Porsche 914 Yn rhyngwladol i galon olygfaol Canolbarth Cymru yn 2022 ... dewch ar drywydd ein Dreigiau!”

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