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Bilderberg/Arnhem, Netherlands
5/26/ – 5/29/2022

After a complicated COVID19 period, as a result of which the 45th meeting in Germany and the 46th meeting in France unfortunately had to be cancelled, the Porsche 356 Club of The Netherlands is extremely happy to invite for the 47th International Meeting.

The enthusiastic and committed team has put together an exceptional and varied program. Not only will the participants get a taste of the typical Dutch landscape, there is also ample room to get to know the Dutch culture. This will all take place in the legendary Bilderberg hotel with beautiful surroundings and with excellent food and drinks.

"With this reunion after 2 years we expect to have organized a very special and unforgettable experience! We look forward to welcome to one of the most beautiful regions of our country."
Roos Groen, President Porsche 356 Club Nederland

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