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20th Anniversary Event of Porsche Club Greece

Organized by Porsche Club Greece
Volos, Greece
13/07/2023 – 16/07/2023

Porsche Celebration in the Mountains of the Centaurs

Porsche Club Greece invites all Porsche Clubs in Europe to participate in the event and to celebrate 20 years of Porsche passion in Greece!

Porsche Glub Greece celebrates its anniversary by organizing a four-day European event in Volos and Pelion from July 13 to 16 2023. The event will include musical evenings, competitive racing routes and a tour through the paths of the Centaurs in the green mountain of Pelion.

„As Greek mythology goes, Pelion is famous for being the homeland of the Centaurs. Centaurs were mythological creatures of antiquity, that are depicted as half man and half horse. At present time it is us, the Porsche Drivers who are "Half man" and “half horsepower". Therefore we will meet on the mountain of the Centaurs to celebrate the Porsche Club in Greece.“
Porsche Club Greece

The idea and vision of a Porsche Drivers Club was born in February 2003 with the first meeting of vehicle owners of the Porsche brand. Only a few months later, in July 2003, the founding meeting was held at the offices of the Sports Car Owners Association, giving an official form to the Club. Porsche Club Greece was official.

„We have come a long way since then. Our journey is a 20-year driving course of many kilometers up to now in 2023. We invite all European Porsche Clubs to come and join us on a unforgettable event in Greece!“

Reservations and information:

Application of participation & reservation of accommodation with deadline strictly only until 13.06.2023

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Thursday, 13.07.2023
Valis Hotel - Agria,
Volos, Greece
Tel: +30 24280 97260 - 5

Friday, 14.07.2023
Drive to the central square of Volos, drive through Pelion.

Saturday, 15.07.2023
Train Ride with the legendary Mouzoury through the beautiful scenery and the mountain of the Centaurs
Gala event for the anniversary of 20 Years of Porsche Club Greece

Sunday, 16.07.2023

President Mr. Dimokas Dimitrios