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Fuel consumption and emissions 718 Cayman GTS 4.0*: fuel consumption combined l/100 km: 10,8 – 9,6; CO2 emissions combined g/km: 246 – 219

With “Roads”, Porsche drivers can record their routes and share their trips with the community. Or they can use the app to arrange joint excursions with other Porsche enthusiasts – with the new “Tours” function.

Nothing beats sharing your passion for Porsche sports cars with others. After all, is that not also the reason why so many enthusiasts around the world feel so at home in their Porsche Club? There is no doubt that a solo outing or a trip as a couple in a shared car can be a source of great pleasure. But planning a tour and then driving the route in a convoy of many Porsche sports cars together with friends, acquaintances and others who share the same interests, that is something very special indeed. That turns an excursion into a joint event.

And that is exactly where ROADS from Porsche comes in. The free app allows users to record the routes they have driven by GPS and to share them with the online community – in other words with other driving enthusiasts, who can then drive the recommended route, obtain their own impression of it and subsequently rate it. And this is possible worldwide.

Driving the routes shared by other Porsche drivers

This is very practical if one or the other trip takes you into unknown regions, where you can then rely on the route recommendations of local Porsche owners. The app offers a host of benefits that are also of particular interest for Clubs or Club members: where should we go on the next outing or on a spontaneous Sunday excursion? Which route offers the most beautiful countryside, the most exciting bends or the most impressive sights? Is there another breathtaking road or even a landmark on the doorstep that I don’t yet know?

For such questions, you don’t need to spend ages searching – all you need is the ROADS app. Because why should you make such an effort to search for yourself when you can simply rely on the tips of those who know exactly what passionate Porsche drivers expect from their outings, what routes and what road profiles they look for: the tips from other Club members, Porsche or motorsports fans.

The over 2,000 trips worldwide that are shown in the app are from those who have already driven the route themselves, and who in many cases know their way around the local region. These drivers then publish their impressions, insider tips, photos and above all waypoints online – including detailed information such as route length, driving time, degree of difficulty and a recommendation about the best time of year to drive the route.

An app – ideal for Porsche Clubs

“ROADS is about the passion for driving – whether in a Porsche or in other cars,” says Marco Brinkman from the Digital Marketing department at Porsche. Brinkmann is the creator of the app, which Porsche is continuing to develop together with the community. Brinkmann and his team have now responded to a request from the online community with the “Tours” function. “This was a long-cherished wish of our users,” says the app creator. With “Tours”, app users now have the possibility of creating joint excursions in next to no time – ideal in times of coronavirus, where social distancing is part of everyday life, but where joint tours with a few car lengths’ distance can still enrich Club life.

The new function is practically tailor-made for Porsche Clubs, which can then conveniently plan their next outing – everyone on their own smartphone, in their own car, but still together, including coronavirus distancing.

And the best thing about it: when the Club excursion has been planned, a date found and the route created in the app, other Porsche enthusiasts and fans can also be invited to come along on the outing. A quick look at the app, start the route, let ROADS guide you to the meeting point with the others – and off you go. During the trip, the app allows the participants to stay in contact with each other and impressions of the tour can be shared with the community.

In this way, imitators soon become followers, and followers then become friends. Or new Club members. Then, as is usual in social media, it is possible to follow other app users and to let yourself be inspired by the trips and pictures of other ROADS drivers in your personal news feed.

Travel blogger and Porsche fan Sebastian Canaves shows how it is done

The creators have also given the app another new function: in cooperation with the US start-up Climacell, which specialises in precise weather forecasts, it is now also possible to see what the weather or air quality is like on the desired route in ROADS.

The ROADS community has already grown to more than 100,000 members since its launch. One of them is travel blogger Sebastian Canaves, who has been describing epic journeys and road trips in his blog “Off the Path” since 2011. On one of his tours, he drove in a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS along the breathtaking “Wild Atlantic Way” in Northern Ireland, for example: the travel blogger naturally also recorded his best-of in ROADS, a twisting 270-kilometre route that takes the driver through lively towns and small villages, past the 600-metre cliffs of Slieve League into the rugged Irish countryside. He has also shared other trips in the app – such as his journeys through the Black Forest or along the Baltic coast. “It is a very special feeling that you get from such a journey in a car: absolute freedom,” says Canaves, who is proud to have made his contribution to the “world’s largest catalogue of epic routes”.

Has this now made you want to hit the road yourself? If so, you can download the app with just one click, free of charge.

Porsche Roads in the Apple App Store