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Joining the newly founded Porsche Ladies Club at the Porsche Festival in Mollis, Switzerland.

She’s stylish — very stylish. A well-groomed appearance, sporty and elegant. In great shape. She loves colors, but much more than her outward appearance, she impresses with her inner values: because she’s got 420 horsepower at her disposal. She goes by the name Schnappi 3, and she’s come to Mollis today with her owner Caroline Studer. Caroline is a board member and, together with Club president Manuela Cottiati, founded the Porsche Ladies Club Schweiz, making it the first exclusive Porsche Ladies Club worldwide.

“The orange Caymans are my trademark,” explains the young Swiss entrepreneur with a laugh. “Although my first Schnappi was black. But I quickly traded it for a lava orange 718 S — Schnappi 2. The GT4 is now a paint-to-sample — I just couldn’t resist the orange.” That orange is her trademark is evident from the matching details; the color scheme of the orange Schnappi 3 can be found everywhere. “I was always the one who comes to the racetrack with fingernails in the color of the car, jacket, shoes…”

The close connection between Schnappi and the founding of the Club becomes apparent when Caroline tells her Porsche story: In 2020, Lady Track Days started in Switzerland on various racetracks. A cool group of lady drivers quickly formed, as did the friendships. Caroline initially participated in the Track Days with her Cayman S, but as her driving skills progressed, she eventually reached its limits. And that’s when the GT4 with its striking cup outfit comes into play. But Caroline is not the only one with the desire for an upgrade. Among the ladies, there is a growing need to do something together outside of the racetrack. The idea of the Porsche Ladies Club takes shape. "We simply realized that we have an extremely strong connection, that we have to do something of our own. And we didn’t want to just join an existing Club.”

"For me, Porsche is passion, community, friendships, the people you meet. Porsche is a family. But Porsche is also the perfect form, the most beautiful car for me. I don't think I would go to the racetrack with any other brand. With Porsche, I feel safe, I move the machine with me." Caroline Studer

The trip to Mollis is now the third outing they have undertaken together. They met at the Porsche Center Zurich for a rally drive and traveled as a ladies’ convoy to Mollis for the Porsche Festival. They stand out with their stylish PLC hats. They are also necessary because Porsche Schweiz has chosen an exceptionally sunny day to gather the approximately 1,800 Porsche vehicles at the airfield in the Glarus Valley in the Glarnerland, south of Zurich. 8,000 visitors are enjoying the festival. Porsche and the Porsche Museum are exhibiting 60 vehicles, ranging from the 919 Hybrid, Mission R and the Vision 357 to the Le Mans Prototype 963, showcasing the wide range of Porsche fascination. Brand ambassadors such as Walter Röhrl, Michael Mauer, Neel Jani, and Jörg Bergmeister are present. The Dreamer's Arena, live acts, and interviews create an open-air atmosphere.

When the 13 ladies of the currently 24-member strong Club stroll through the festival grounds today, it doesn’t come to mind that car events are often a male domain. The ladies stop at vehicles, engage in technical discussions, and appreciate the beauty of the Porsche models. “Perhaps we ladies are not quite as technically inclined,” Caroline speculates. “In addition to the sporting appeal, elegance of the vehicles counts for us, an elegant lifestyle, enjoying culture together, simply making life beautiful. The vehicle serves as the connecting element for that. And it fits incredibly well into this sense of life.”

Are there fundamental differences between traditional Clubs and a Ladies Club then? “That's not really the point,” explains Caroline. “Sure, when you’re at an event, men usually dominate. But most women have no problem with that at all. I think when we women do something for ourselves, it simply gives us the opportunity to plan and enjoy an outing, an evening, a good meal according to our wishes.” The question of how to involve their partners is still being explored by the Porsche Ladies. The Club is still young, and not all questions need to be answered yet.

A few weeks ago, Caroline and Club president Manuela attended the Wagenhallen Event in Stuttgart as part of the anniversary weekend, which was the community event organized by Porsche AG. It was a new world for both of them, and they were able to enrich it in their own way with their Club’s theme. In the Club Corner, they had the opportunity to introduce their new Club as the first Ladies’ Club. They were surprised by the overwhelming response they received. “Requests came from Germany, Italy, and even Malaysia, asking about what we are doing. Many ladies spontaneously expressed their desire to participate and be involved,” Manuela describes. The ladies are now working on a corresponding concept. The Ladies’ Club idea is intended to spread further and not be limited by national borders.

Caroline also sees the importance of crossing borders. Driving, for her, is boundless freedom. “Freedom to go wherever I want, with everything I want.” Her vehicles are like a home that she takes with her on her journey. “They are my refuge, with them, I am independent and free.” This includes throwing her bag into the corner after a stressful day, grabbing the GT4 keys, and taking another round through the Swiss landscape. “There is nothing that relaxes me more. After 10 minutes, I feel good again, no matter how the day has been.” And the fact is that she can let her thoughts roam freely during these drives, Caroline says. "And develop new ideas." Like the further development of the Porsche Ladies Club Schweiz, for just one example.