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Porsche Sim Racing Experience: The new Porsche Racing Experience programme

An offer that is both unique and spectacular: For three years now, the Porsche Racing Experience has offered all ambitious Porsche customers the opportunity to gain their first experience in racing and even take up the challenge of undergoing professional training as a racing driver. And not just anywhere – but on the most spectacular Grand Prix circuits in Europe. On circuits such as Spa-Francorchamps, the Nürburgring and Paul Ricard, motorsport enthusiasts can run their first laps at a Porsche GT Trackday and experienced Porsche drivers can improve their skills – and above all: they can make full use of their Porsche racing cars on top-class race tracks so as to get the most out of their sports car, lap by lap.

In the current “race-free” period, Porsche Racing Experience is now entering the next phase. While drivers are currently unable to push their cars to the limit on the racetrack, Porsche simply brings the racetrack to the living rooms of motorsport enthusiasts: with the Porsche Sim Racing Experience. On the Porsche Racing Experience Sim Racing platform, Porsche drivers can step on the gas virtually – the perfect way to enter the cosmos of virtual motorsport.

The online simulation offers the right difficulty level for everyone – from Porsche drivers with race track experience to ambitious Sim Racing beginners or experienced Sim Racers who want to hone their skills. Participants enjoy the professional support that is otherwise only available on the racetrack – because all modules are delivered by certified Porsche Experience instructors as well as real racing engineers: experienced instructors from “real-life racing” who, as absolute professionals, are available to answer participants’ questions online at all times.

“With our Racing Experience, we get our Porsche customers into shape for motorsport,” says Axel Urban, Project Manager at Porsche Sim Racing Experience. The goal: to help them become established in the long term. “Our new Sim Racing programme now offers participants special added value that is adapted directly from our training programmes on the real-life race tracks and transferred by us to the virtual world,” Axel Urban continues. Participants benefit from all the practical expertise that Porsche Racing Experience has built up with its instructors and race engineers in race training with simulators. “We ensure a direct transfer of knowledge: from the real-life world of racing to the virtual world of Sim Racing.”

The Porsche Sim Racing Experience offers a variety of professional training programmes with individually bookable modules. The platform combines the simulation programme “Assetto Corsa” with the communication platform “Discord” and is hosted via a Porsche Racing Experience server. The individually bookable modules are based on the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Gen II and simulate real racing conditions – as close to reality as possible, including track knowledge, brake points, overtaking manoeuvres, shift point and much more.

“We transfer the real-life world of training to the virtual world,” explains Frederic Klein, Project Manager at the real-life Porsche Racing Experience. The cockpit can be manned in a variety of ways during the training programmes: for example, instructors can join the participant in the vehicle virtually, or participants can look over the instructor’s digital steering wheel. “As in the real-life training sessions, we can also incorporate virtual lead-follow sessions into the training programme,” says Frederic Klein. “In this way, racing lines can be understood and followed, brake points can be found and overtaking manoeuvres can be simulated and practised.¨”

The Porsche Sim Racing Experience provides an open server that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Drivers will certainly not get bored, especially as racetracks change on a weekly basis and the Sim Racing Experience experts are always available to answer technical questions.

“We not only offer easy entry to the world of Sim Racing, but there's also a lot you can take away with you from our guided training in Sim Racing and apply on the real-life race track,” says Axel Urban. In the first compulsory module, which has to be taken once, instructors and server administrators guide participants through the set-up of the hardware and software and take them through the world of Sim Racing by way of a one-on-one coaching session. In the Track Learning training module, instructors train the participants on all the key points of a racetrack and analyse performance together in order to achieve continuous improvement. Module 3 delves more deeply into the world of professional racing. The goal: to perfect lap times and master technical problems with the car or low fuel reserves – and much more besides. “And of course all learning modules such as understeer, oversteer, apex, brake points and track knowledge can be transferred to other platforms,” says Axel Urban.

Would you like to enter the world of virtual racing? For full details on registration and participation, contact:

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Porsche Sim Racing Experience

Florian Klapperich

Phone:: +49 2691 9338 911
Fax: +49 2691 9338-50

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