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It’s almost a year since Club President Frank Mischlich had to cancel the anniversary event of the Porsche Club Nürburgring due to the coronavirus. Now the new date has been finalised: 9-10 October 2021, coinciding with the final weekend of the German Endurance Championship.

The Club wanted to celebrate its 60th anniversary in style in 2020. Frank Mischlich and his fellow Executive Board members were clear about one thing: “If we’re going to hold an event, it has to be one that captures the spark of motorsports, one that breathes the spirit of the Nürburgring.” Because the Club is inseparably linked to the Nürburgring. “The Ring is our life. We are part of the close-knit Ring community,” says Mischlich in describing the unique bond between a Porsche Club and one of the best-known and most-feared racetracks in the world.

The Club and the Nürburgring: what other Club already has the option of relaxed after-work driving sessions on the Nordschleife? And as often as it wants. But the Club is also a fixed part of the Ring in other ways. At the Nürburgring Classics and the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix, the Club has a stand in the drivers’ paddock and is represented as an organisation at the starting line of every VLN race.

It was therefore clear that if there was to be a celebration, it should be in the very home of the Club: the Nürburgring. The Club started planning the anniversary celebrations three years ago. Mirco Markfort, CEO of Nürburgring GmbH, and the people responsible for the VLN Endurance Series loved Mischlich’s plan and are passionate about the Club event to the present day and beyond.
“And that meant we were able to plan a complete and perfect anniversary weekend in this triangle of Club-Ring-VLN for 2020,” says Mischlich. Including the idea of going onto the track with 500 Porsche sports cars as part of the VLN race. “There has never been anything like that before,” says Mischlich, still delighted about his planned record event.

The Club had already received 420 registrations for its anniversary weekend in March 2020. There was a fantastic response, with registrations from Clubs all over Europe. From the United Arab Emirates, the UAE Club President politely asked whether they would be welcome as guests with five flown-in cars. “We even had registrations from the Porsche Club of America,” remembers Mischlich. An international event through and through was then in the making. Then came the cancellation (see the report here).

“All those who registered for 2020 can now change the registration into a reservation,” announces Mischlich, proud of the new date in late autumn of the second year of the coronavirus, when things should once again be safe. “The registration platform has been open again since 16 January 2021.” For Frank Mischlich, the next stage has started.

So what will it be like, in the year 60+1? “We’re going to hold the event exactly as we planned it in 2020. With three event locations: we have the complete historic drivers’ paddocks to ourselves and will be exhibiting items that have had something to do with the Club, Porsche and the Nürburgring in the last 60 years,” says the Club President. ”We will have our centre stage here, a band will play, we were able to bring on board Klaus Lambert, the famous Nürburgring track announcer, who will conduct interviews with well-known Porsche racing drivers and prominent Porsche figures.”

Since an extremely full race weekend is planned with a very large number of vehicles on the track and on the ground, the present-day paddock will be available as a car park. “This will mean that all participants are near their vehicles at all times.” The organisers are even planning a pit walk with their guests – in other words: “We are allowed to go with the participants onto the starting grid of the VLN, we are allowed to go through the pit lanes and onto the starting grid. The guests are also allowed to access all areas during the race: the tickets are valid for the complete VLN event and all open grandstands.

However, the absolute highlight of the weekend will be when the participants go onto the Ring with their Porsche sports cars. “That will be an unforgettable experience for the participants.” After that it will be on to the Ring boulevard with the evening event on the finish straight.

Sunday is then Family Day in the drivers’ paddock with a charity event for a good cause. There is no entrance fee, but there will be raffle tickets and “I was there” T-shirts to purchase. The Club has organised the possibility for visitors to the anniversary celebrations to take part in “free driving” on the Nordschleife after making a small donation to charity, which will benefit the Gieleroth Child Cancer Aid Society, the organisation FASTA and Fly and Help.

We’re crossing our fingers for the Porsche Club Nürburgring that everything will go as planned. If you ask us, this is an event not to be missed! It will be one of the highlight Club events of 2021. But what else would you expect from a Club with Nürburgring in its very name?

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