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Virtual guided tour through the special exhibition “25 Years of the Boxster”

In occasion of the 44th International Museum Day, the Porsche Museum made the special exhibition “25 Years of Boxster” a virtual experience. Visitors can be guided through the special exhibition in German and English at

All Boxster models, ancestors and family members that can be seen in the special exhibition to mark the 25th anniversary of the roadster will be presented in two- to three-minute videos. You can navigate through the guided tour yourself and select which vehicle you would like to see next from a choice of two vehicles in each case.

The digital guided tour shows the history from a quarter of a century of the Porsche Boxster and mid-engine technology, which was already used back in 1948 in the Porsche 356 “No. 1” Roadster.

One of the highlights is the Boxster concept car from Detroit, which served as a basis for the first production generation in 1996 and was therefore the starting point for the vehicle’s global success. Viewers are also given insights into the legendary 550 Spyder. The ancestor of the Boxster with its light weight of around 550 kilograms was the first vehicle designed by Porsche for motorsport and the first vehicle with the rev counter positioned in the middle – the start of a tradition that has been continued up to the present day.

In addition, the Porsche Museum will be showing the 984, a small and lightweight prototype that marked the direction of Porsche's roadster concept. One of its special features is the engine installed underneath the floor panel, what is known as an underfloor engine. Another exhibit is the Porsche 914/4 from 1975, one of the most-produced two-seater vehicles with almost 120,000 units built. The Porsche Museum will show the new development of the water-cooled boxer engine using a cross-sectional model of the 986 Boxster S. A further special guest is the Boxster Bergspyder, a one-seater sports car based on the third generation with the internal designation 981.

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