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The Porsche success story in Le Mans in 6 episodes with real legends

Porsche made moments for eternity at Le Mans. The starting point is 1951, the year in which Porsche first drove to a class victory with the 356 SL. A further 107 class and 19 overall victories followed the triumph with the light alloy Coupé.

With Porsche Moments, Porsche is launching a new series that devotes six episodes to this famous chapter. Le Mans winner and endurance champion Timo Bernhard takes fans through the episodes as the host. He meets up with interesting contemporary witnesses on four wheels and two legs in Zuffenhausen and Weissach.

For the first episode of Porsche Moments, Timo Bernhard invited a companion whom he had not seen for two years: Fritz Enzinger, Vice President Motorsport at Porsche. Enzinger led the brand to three overall victories in Le Mans. The reunion in front of the historical brick building of Werk 1 is like a meeting of old friends – it’s as if the two had brought the legend of Le Mans to Zuffenhausen. “If you win in Le Mans with a Porsche that reverberates throughout the whole company,” remembers Enzinger. “That must have been the same then with the first class victory. Le Mans is simply a magical place”.

To honour the Porsche success story in Le Mans worldwide, the sports car manufacturer will also be holding a roadshow from June 2021 to January 2022 in addition to the Porsche Moments. The plan is to stop at 14 stations in 10 countries, including France, the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, China, the United Arab Emirates and Germany.