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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Club members,

The Porsche Clubs are the heart and soul of our worldwide Porsche family. In times when social distancing is mandatory, we still stand together with the same enthusiasm and even greater unity. Because it’s our passion that brings us together, even across the miles – in your Club and in the worldwide Club community.

Just like you, we are looking forward to getting back to normal and are already looking forward to numerous, upcoming joint activities. After this time of social distancing, it will be even more wonderful and heart-warming for us all to gather again in our unique Porsche Club community.

Porsche Club News will continue to keep you up to date, share the latest exciting news stories, and let you know about what’s going on in the Porsche Club community. If you have any questions or comments, or if you want to let us know about what is going on at your Club, please get in touch at We look forward to hearing from you.

Take care and stay healthy.

Best regards from Porsche Club News and the
Porsche Community Management




The international Club world is diverse and unique. You can write about your trips, anniversaries and Club events in the “Porsche Clubs report for Clubs” section. If you upload a report to Porsche Club News and wish to share it with the Porsche Club Community, write to us at

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