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Porsche-Diesel Parade Wertheim
Haidhof near Wertheim am Main
September 21st – 24th, 2023

75 tractors and their owners, caretakers, fans and admirers – along with three members of the Porsche family: the Porsche Parade at the Porsche Haidhof. The diesel tractors are quite something in the Porsche world – and so is their community.

The Haidhof is a working farm owned by the Porsche family, located in the northernmost Baden-Württemberg, Main-Tauber district. For many years this has become a traditional meeting place of the Porsche Diesel Club Europe and its tractor-loving members. The Porsche family also enjoys these events; this year Daniell Porsche and Christian Porsche with son Christopher joined the Club members. As all the others attending, they have a heart for the red tractors, too.

Almost 150 participants were on the road for two days, traveling amongst the forests, vines and fields located in the picturesque Tauber valley, facing wind, rain and sunshine with their 75 tractors – after all, they are here to drive … and to meet and live the community. They chat about diesel technology, exchange experiences on tractors and praise and acknowledge each other’s work. Because one thing all the tractors at this event have in common: they have been lovingly restored with great attention to detail, passionately cared for, valued and revered. Porsche tractors are simply something special: They are "The Special Ones."