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196. Porsche Club Guatemala 24/01/2002
197. Porsche Club de Panamá 21/04/2002
198. Porsche Club of South Australia 22/04/2002
199. Porsche Club Oman 03/06/2002
200. Porsche Club of Lebanon 25/06/2002
201. Porsche Club of Tasmania 22/07/2002

Porsche and Guatemala have a long, shared history. As early as 1953, at the Carrera Panamerica, the Porsche importer Jaroslav Juhan formed a team, which saw its first class victory in Central America with Jose Herrarte. With 45 members, the Porsche Club Guatemala is not only one of the bigger Porsche Clubs in Central America, but also certainly one of the most active.

With joint excursions through particularly attractive areas of Guatemala, driving courses on the racing circuit or social events, Porsche Experience Tours through Europe and visits to the Porsche Museum and the Leipzig plant, there’s something on offer to suit all tastes. The Porsche Parade and the Track Days at the Pedro Cofiño racing circuit are the real highlights.

In 2002, the Porsche Club Tasmania is founded. Aside from varied driving excursions and events, its members can also enjoy the Porsche Club Tasmania’s Driver Days. In addition, the Club is of course the “Home Club” of the Targa Tasmania. Klaus Bischof, former Head of Porsche Museum is an honorary member.

The first four-door: The sporty Porsche Cayenne crossover SUV is presented to the international audience at the 2002 Paris Auto Show. The vehicle, also available in Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo models, is produced in the Leipzig plant.


202. Porsche Club Brunei 01/01/2003
203. Porsche Club Croatia 10/02/2003
204. Porsche Club Emilia-Romagna 10/02/2003
205. Porsche Club Poland 11/03/2003
206. Porsche Club Cuba 13/05/2003
207. Porsche Club Verband Österreich 26/05/2003
208. Porsche Club Greece 03/06/2003
209. Porsche Club Colombia 23/06/2003
210. Porsche Club Hungaria 11/07/2003
211. Porsche Club Rostock e.V. 24/09/2003
212. Porsche Club Kuwait 18/11/2003
213. Federazione Italiana Porsche Club 16/12/2003
214. Porsche Club Lithuania 16/12/2003

Umbrella organisations
The Federazione Italiana Porsche Club is founded in Italy in 2003. From 2009, the umbrella organisation of 17 Italian Clubs organises the Porsche Parade Italia. The second Porsche Club in the Middle East is founded with the Porsche Club Kuwait. The Porsche Club Verband Österreich (Austria Porsche Club Association) is a umbrella link between Porsche AG in Stuttgart and the 9 official Austrian Porsche Clubs, which draw together around 800 Austrian Porsche fans.

After a long period of preparation and much involvement, Ernesto Rodriguez succeeded in getting official recognition of the Cuban Porsche Club. On 20 December 2003 the founding ceremony of the Porsche Club Cuba took place in Havana. The event took place at a majestic 30s villa in which the participants enjoyed a celebration in the Cuban style, with cocktails, local food and music. Finally, there followed a small Porsche parade through the city. The number of Club members is still relatively low, right now there are seven Porsches in Havana that are known of – all Porsche 356 from production years 1955 to 1959.

40 JAHRE 911
The Porsche 911 celebrates its 40th birthday with the special “40 Years 911” model. The Carrera GT celebrates its world premiere in Geneva.


216. Club Porsche Costa Rica 09/03/2004
217. Club Porsche de Genève 20/04/2004
218. Porsche Club Istanbul 22/06/2004

The introduction to the market of the latest generation of the Porsche 911, the 997 type, takes place simultaneously in 85 German Porsche centres on 16 July. It is also available in 911 Carerra and 911 Carrera S models. In Paris, the new Boxster and Boxster S (987) are also introduced.

In 2004 the Porsche Club Istanbul is founded. Former president Berna Hatipoglu of the 275-member-strong Porsche Club Istanbul was the first woman in Club history to be head of a Club. Porsche Magazin Christophorus she told: “I know that for some people it’s astonishing that a woman leads the Porsche Club Istanbul, but I always point out that there’s a Yang to every Yin and smile.”


219. Porsche Club Jordan 05/01/2005
220. Porsche Carrera RS Club 25/01/2005
221. Registro Italiano Porsche 911 e 912 25/01/2005
222. Porsche Club Bulgaria 09/02/2005
223. Porsche Club Philippines 17/02/2005
224. Porsche Club of Indonesia 21/05/2005
225. Porsche Club Campania 02/06/2005
226. Porsche Club Ceska Republika 06/06/2005
227. Club Porsche Mexico, Region Aguascalientes 03/09/2005
228. Club Porsche Mexico, Region Puebla 03/09/2005
229. Porsche Club Magdeburg e.V. 08/11/2005
230. Porsche Club Brescia 24/11/2005

Founding of the Porsche Club Carrera 2.7 RS. “Sport as a social activity is at its best when the Carrera RS 2.7 is at the centre of proceedings!” Other important components of the exclusive Club programme are the regular rallies at sporting events such as the Oldtimer Grand Prix, hill climbs or single-car time trials both at home and abroad, as well as the Carrera RS Stammtisch (a regular meet-up at a pub) and joint tours. In 2022, Porsche Club Carrera RS will be celebrating “50 years of the Carrera RS” with a global meeting in South Germany.

The Porsche Club of America celebrates its 50th year. To mark the anniversary, a special 911 Porsche Club Coupé model is issued in a limited edition of just 50 vehicles exclusively for Club members.

With the RS Spyder, the first Porsche developed exclusively for racing since the 1998 Le Mans winner, the 911 GT1, Porsche returns to the world of prototype sports in 2005.

Porsche joins the Californian Laguna Seca midseason and notches up pole position, the lap record and victory in its class.

As part of the ALMS, from 2006 onwards the Porsche Club Coordination Team hosts Porscheplatz events in conjunction with the Porsche Club of America.

German Porsche Sports Cup lines up on the starting grid. This Club and customer sports series is aimed at motorsport-enthusiast Porsche drivers from a whole range of abilities who compete in the various series of the Porsche Sports Cup.

The 911 GT3 Cup, based on the 997 Porsche, races in the manufacturer’s cup competitions (Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup) and GT championship.

The new cabriolet version of the new Porsche 911 (997) is presented in Detroit. With the Porsche Cayman S, Porsche unveils a mid-engined sports car with big ambitions at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Porsche announces the development of a fourth model series entitled “Panamera”.


231. Porsche Club Wittelsbach e.V. 29/01/2006
232. Porsche Club Marche 29/01/2006
233. Porsche Club Korea 24/02/2006
234. Porsche Club Abruzzo e Molise 09/03/2006
235. Porsche Club Kärnten 26/04/2006
236. Porsche Club Matterhorn 28/04/2006
237. Club Porsche 3 Lacs 21/10/2006
238. Porsche Club Möhnesee e.V. 26/10/2006
239. Porsche Club Cayman Islands 30/10/2006
240. Porsche Club Iceland 10/11/2006
241. Porsche Club Mittelrhein 10/11/2006
242. Porsche Club Niederbayern 25/11/2006
243. Porsche Club El Salvador 17/12/2006

In the middle of the Atlantic lies Iceland. An island with around 360,000 inhabitants. This includes 80 enthusiastic Porsche drivers around Pétur Lentz, who found their Porsche Club Island on 10 November 2006. “Somewhat” south of Iceland lie the Cayman Islands. A Porsche Club is founded there too. Is there any correlation?

From this point of view on the other end of the world the Porsche Club Korea is founded. And on the Matterhorn, the highest Porsche Club is founded. Higher, further or more beautiful, it’s best enjoyed together. In total in the year 2006, 13 new Clubs are founded world-wide. Porsche is on the road to success.

In the 2006 season, the RS Spyder made its exclusive debut with Penske Racing in the ALMS. And in its first full racing season won all titles up for grabs: The Drivers’, Teams’ and Manufacturers’ Championships. The highlight of the 2006 season was the overall victory in the extremely competitive LMP1 competition in round 3 in Mid-Ohio.

In Geneva, Porsche introduces the new 911 Turbo and the new 911 GT3.


244. Porsche Club Andorra 12/06/2007
245. Porsche Club Puglia 07/08/2007
246. Porsche Club Umbria 07/08/2007
247. Porsche Club Lario 06/09/2007
248. Porsche Club of South Africa, Eastern Cape Region 13/11/2007
249. Porsche Klub Slovenija 13/11/2007
250. Porsche Club Russland 24/11/2007
251. Porsche Club Schleswig-Holstein e.V. 15/12/2007

ENJOYMENT witghout borders ...
Crossing borders, experiencing the Porsche fascination together with central-European neighbours, and competing in sporty competition with fellow Clubs – these are the founding principles of the Cross Border Rally, a collaborative project of the Porsche Klub Slovenija and the Porsche Club Steiermark. And with this border crossing project for Porsche Klub Slovenija everything started: what followed was a bi-national Porsche Parade Europe together with Porsche Club Croatia and the annual Porsche Club Alpe-Danube-Adria Tour organized together with Porsche Club Graz and Porsche Club Trentino.

Long-distance rally racing with the Porsche Cayenne S Transsyberia is another building block in the comprehensive Porsche customer sport programme. In the 2007 Transsyberia, the Porsche Teams achieved an impressive result: After more than 7,000 km, Rod Millen and Richard Kelsey (Team North America 2) attained overall victory in the Transsyberia Rally – a further 6 Cayenne S Transsyberia made the top ten.

Performance and endurance are the hallmarks of the single-seat, prototype race car the 911 GT3 RSR, intended for use world-wide in GT classes and conceived especially for use in long-distance races such as the 24 hour Le Mans. As of 2007 the 911 GT3 RSR, of which 35 units were built over the winter 2006/2007, repeated the success of its predecessors with motor sport customers.


252. Porsche Club Jeddah 15/02/2008
253. PCS Racing 18/03/2008
254. Porsche Model Club Asia 03/06/2008
255. Club Porsche de France, Région Centre 18/06/2008
256. Club Porsche de France, Région Bretagne/Pays de Loire 08/07/2008
257. Porsche Club Ingolstadt 07/08/2008
258. Club Porsche de France, Région Atlantique 07/08/2008
259. Club Porsche de France, Région Aquitaine 19/08/2008
260. Club Porsche de France, Région Alsace 08/12/2008
261. Club Porsche de France, Région Auvergne 09/12/2008
262. Club Porsche de France, Région Nord Picardie 09/12/2008
263. Club Porsche de France, Région Paris/Ile de France 09/12/2008
264. Club Porsche de France, Région Rhône Alpes 09/12/2008
265. Club Porsche de France, Région Toulouse-Gascogne 09/12/2008
266. Porsche Classic Club Russland 09/12/2008
267. Porsche Club Finland, Racing Club 09/12/2008

Exactly 60 years ago, the first Porsche sportscar laid the foundation stone of this family-run industrial business to become the most important sports car manufacturer in the world.

“In the beginning I looked around but couldn’t find the car of my dreams. So I decided to build it myself”, says Ferry Porsche – and to this day this exceptional Inventor’s and pioneer’s spirit shapes the philosophy of the company.

The Porsche Club France includes the regions Atlantique, Aquitaine, Alsace, Auvergne, Nord Picardie, Paris/Ile de France, Rhône Alpes and Toulouse-Gascogne. The Porsche Model Club Asia, partner organisation of the European Model Club, is founded in Hong Kong.

In 2008, Porsche expands its range for international championships under the FIA GT3 regulations to include the GT3 Cup S.


268. Porsche Club Landshut 22/01/2009
269. Porsche Club Classico Rottal/Inn 22/01/2009
270. Porsche Club Francorchamps a.s.b.l. 17/04/2009
271. Club Porsche de France, Région Champagne-Ardenne 16/07/2009
272. Porsche Club Bahrain 21/10/2009

The race track at Spa-Francorchamps is one of the most beautiful in the world. It is almost impossible to tear yourself away from the magic of the circuit – and its incomparable history. No wonder then that the Porsche Days Francorchamps, organised by the Porsche Club Francorchamps, are always vistited by great numbers of european Porsche Clubs and are a great success.

When Dr. Ferdinand Anton Ernst “Ferry” Porsche died on 27 March 1998, the world lost one of the last great automotive entrepreneurs. In September 2009, Ferry Porsche would have turned 100. Over all the years, he always nurtured a vision of a four-seater Porsche. During 2009, this vision is fulfilled.

The Porsche museum is opened. Porsche unveils its new showpiece – After four years in construction, the new museum is officially opened in a ceremony on January, 26th 2009.

The Porsche Panamera is presented at the 2009 Shanghai Autoshow on the 94th floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center. Extraordinary cars call for extraordinary events.


273. Porsche Club Pays de Savoie 18/02/2010
274. Porsche Club St. Petersburg 27/04/2010
275. Porsche Jagdwagen Registry e.V. 20/05/2010
276. Porsche Club Slovakia 02/09/2010
277. Porsche 356 Club Portugal 06/09/2010
278. Porsche Club Romania 05/05/2010
279. Porsche Club Düsseldorf e.V. 13/12/2010

The Porsche Club Pays de Savoie, Porsche Club St. Petersburg, Porsche Jagdwagen Registry e.V., Porsche Club Slovakia, Porsche 356 Club Portugal, Porsche Club Romania and the Porsche Club Düsseldorf are founded.

The Porsche Jagdwagen Registry
The Porsche 597 Jagdwagen is an off-road vehicle, which Porsche planned from 1953 within the framework of an invitation to tender for the new West German army. The Jagdwagen was the first four-wheel drive Porsche to carry the Porsche name. The Porsche 597 Jagdwagen was never ordered. Nevertheless, around 71 Porsche 597 were manufactured between 1955 and 1958. One of the goals of the registry is to record the “survivors” in a world-wide register that is as complete as possible, along with serial number and current owner. Hans-Peter Porsche – himself a happy 597 owner – is an honorary member of the Porsche
Jagdwagen Registry.

In Geneva, Porsche shows the high performance mid-engined 918 Spyder. With the concept study, Porsche expands its hybrid competency. At the beginning of March, Porsche presents the completely re-developed second generation of the sporty Cayenne SUV at the Geneva Motor Show. The highlight of this generation is the world premier of the Cayenne S Hybrid with a technically sophisticated parallel full hybrid drivetrain.

The 911 GT2 RS makes its world debut at the Moscow Auto Show on 25 August. At the beginning of October, the Carrera GTS has its premiere in Paris. With 408 hp performance, increased driving dynamics and emphatically sporty fittings, the new 911 Carrera GTS takes over at the top of the Carrera model line. The new top model of the mid-engine coupé celebrates as Cayman R its world debut in Los Angeles.


280. Porsche Club Graz 12/01/2011
281. Porsche Club Malta 23/05/2011
282. Porsche Club für den klassischen 911 Südwest 21/03/2011
283. Porsche Club Pannonia 31/05/2011
284. Porsche Club Nordrhein 23/08/2011
285. Porsche Club Ekaterinburg 23/02/2011
286. Porsche Club Portes de Provence 10/06/2011

On 20 January 2011, the Porsche Club Graz is born out of the Styrian Association of Friends of Porsche (Interessensgemeinschaft Steirischer Porsche Freunde). The Club is the 280th official Porsche Club. Together with the Austrian Porsche Clubs this Club is the organizational center of the Porsche Tage Zell am See.

Other Clubs founded in 2011 are Porsche Club Malta, Porsche Club Pannonia, Porsche Club Nordrhein, Porsche Club Ekaterinburg and Porsche Club Portes de Provence.

Anniversary “125 years of the automobile”:
Summer, sunshine, 36 degrees and gleaming museum pieces – the ideal conditions for a successful birthday party. With 41 vehicles, Porsche took part in the exciting procession to celebrate 125 years of the automobile. The mobile birthday party entertained an estimated 250,000 visitors in Stuttgart in an atmosphere reaching fever pitch.

It was one of the most exciting and dramatic 24-hour races at the Nürburgring ever. And it ended in triumph for Porsche. Porsche team drivers Bernhard Lieb, Timo Bernhard, Roland Dumas and Sascha Luhr in their Porsche 911 GT3 RSR won the 39th edition of the endurance classic in the Eifel region in front of 220,000 spectators.

The completely newly developed generation of the Porsche icon drives into the spotlight at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It remains unmistakeably a 911 right from the first glimpse.

Porsche showcases a high-end synthesis of the successful hybrid concepts from the year 2010, in the form of the Porsche 918 RSR, in Detroit. At the 81st International Motor Show in Geneva, Porsche presents the Panamera S Hybrid. With the 911 GT3 RS 4.0, one of the most popular, coveted and successful sporty series-production cars enters the home straight.

Porsche extends the top of its Carrera model range and adds a pair of all-wheel-drive twins to the two 911 Carrera GTS models. Following the GT3 R Hybrid, 918 Spyder and 918 RSR, the Boxster E represents another sports car concept that combines research and driving enjoyment in quintessential Porsche fashion. The Panamera GTS is showcased in Los Angeles, followed in December by the cabriolet versions of the new 911 (991).

If you want to add information and stories about your Club, feel free to contact the editorial staff at Porsche Club News Online.
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2002: Founded 2002, Porsche Club Guatemala in 2022

Team Guatemala at the Carrera Panamericana race in 1953

2002: Targa Tasmania 2011 Röhrl/Geistdörfer on a 911 SC

2002: Founding of Porsche Club Cuba

2003: Porsche Club Lithuania in Zell am See

2004: Berna Hatipoglu of Porsche Club Istanbul during a visit in Zuffenhausen

2004: Porsche Parade USA

2005: The international Carrera RS Meeting in 2012

2005: The Porsche Mexico Parade in 2008

2005: Porsche Club Indonesia

2005: PCA celebrated 50 years with the Porsche Club Coupe

2005: Back into racing: the RS Spyder at Porsche Parade USA

2005: welcoming Club members from around the world: the Porscheplatz events

2005: Gentlemen start your engines: Sport Cup Deutschland

2006: Porsche Club Iceland on factory tour in 2012

2007: The 356 INT Meeting was held in Spain

2007: Indeed a paradise: Porsche Paradis St. Tropez

2007: The Cross Border Rallye of the Porsche Klub Slovenija

2008: Impressive Season Opening of Porsche Club Estonia

2008: Porsche Classic Club Begium celebrates 60 years of Porsche sports cars

2008: Porsche Track Day in Finland with the Racing Club Finland

2008: West Coast Holiday of the 356 Registry in 2008

2008: Porsche GT3 RSR

2008: 60 years of the 356 Roadster No. 1 here surrounded by Clubmembers from Club Porsche Romand

2009: The season opening for all Clubs, the Porsche Club Francorchamps Days in April

2009: Ferry Porsche would have turned 100

2009: Hans-Peter Porsche, honorary member of the Jagdwagen Registry

2010: Porsche 918 Spyder Concept study with hybrid technology

2010: At the Porsche Parade Japan each team has its own styling for the cars

2011: Sporty Club, the Porsche Club für den klassischen 911 Südwest

2011: 50 years of Porsche Club Great Britain

2011: 125 years anniverary of the automobile in Stuttgart

2011: Porsche Parade South East Asia

2011: Porsche 911 Carrera type 991


Porsche Club History