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039. Porsche Club Altötting e.V. 01/03/1972
040. Porsche Club Siegerland e.V. 26/10/1972

It was the summer of 1971 and a group with four 911 Targa models, all painted in gleaming signal colours, was out on a day trip to Waging. They were beautifully lined up in rank and file and their owners in the adjacent beer garden looked at their cars full of pride and real enthusiasm. Without further ado, the decision was made to found Porsche Club Altötting. “A phone call was made to Porsche in Stuttgart, we were put through to the Club manager Mrs. Ilse Nädele, and we told her that we wanted to found a new Club.”

Birth of a legend
From October 1972, the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 is among the range of cars on sale. Its fans will also include Clubs. The 911 Carrera RS 2.7 will turn 50 in 2022. As is appropriate, the birthday will be celebrated with an RS Meeting in Le Mans.

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche KG becomes Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.


041. Porsche Club Südtirol 06/02/1973

On 06/02/1973, the Porsche Club Südtirol is founded in Bolzano. As South Tyrol is situated in the border region between the Italian lowlands and the Alps, it offers perfect terrain for excursions and international gatherings, and in the 1970s, this alone ensured that the South Tyrol Club became very famous indeed.

The most powerful racing car of its day, the Porsche 917/30 Spyder, enjoys its motor racing premiere in May, driven by Mark Donohue. The Targa Florio is staged for the final time. Driving a Porsche 911 Carrera RSR, Herbert Müller and Gijs van Lennep claim overall victory for Porsche one last time.

From September onwards, the G Series is equipped with newly designed safety bumpers.


042. Porsche Classic Club Belgium 02/01/1974
043. Porsche 914-6 Club e.V. 14/02/1974
044. Porsche Club Ticino 15/02/1974
045. Porsche Club Tirol 05/03/1974
046. Porsche Club Salzburg 06/05/1974
047. Porsche Club Queensland Inc. 15/06/1974
048. 356 Registry Inc. 01/10/1974
049. Porsche 356 Klubb Sverige 03/11/1974

22 years have now passed since the first Porsche Club was founded. The Porsche 356 has become a collector’s item. In consequence, lovers of the classic cars are now also beginning to get together to form their own Clubs. In 1974, a Porsche Classic Club is founded in Belgium. In Sweden, the Porsche 356 Klubb Sverige is established in the same year.

The 356 Registry is founded in the United States as an association for fans of the Porsche 356. As the range of Porsche models expanded expanded over the years, Porsche Parades began to feature lots of 911s, 912s and 914s. So it was high time that the 356 had an organisation of its own.

Jerry Keyser from Ohio, owner of a white 356 B Coupé, takes out an advertisement to find others who might be interested in forming a 356 Club. The rest is history. The Registry’s 8,600 members make it the third-largest Club in the world. Once a year the 356 Registry gets together for “Holiday” events, generally taking place separately at central locations on the East and/or West Coast.

Porsche Club Salzburg has a proud and longstanding connection with the Porsche/Pïech families, counting among its past honorary members Dr. Louise Pïech, Ferdinand “Ferry” Por­sche and Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Current honorary members include Hans- Peter Porsche, Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Dr. Ferdinand Oliver Porsche and Peter Daniell Porsche.

The 914-6 Club was set up by enthusiasts shortly after production of the Porsche 914-6 came to a premature end. The membership of the Club is made up of owners of the extreme­ly rare Porsche 914/6 or of other historic Porsche mid-engine vehicles. Club gatherings have taken place on a regular basis since 1976. At present, the Club has a total of 115 members, every one of whom, without exception, is the proud owner of a Porsche 914-6.


050. Porsche Club Luxembourg 01/03/1975
051. Porsche 356 Club Deutschland e.V. 24/05/1975
052. Porsche Club of Victoria 05/07/1975
053. Porsche Club Canberra 26/08/1975
054. Porsche Club of New Zealand 07/12/1975
055. 356 Porsche Club de France 09/12/1975

Porsche Club Coordination is established as a dedicated department and is managed by Ilse Nädele.

In August 1975, the 917/30 once again made headlines when Mark Donohue set a lap record that remains unbeaten to the present day on the oval circuit of Talladega in Alabama: the American drove the fastest lap, with an average speed of 355.85 km/h.


056. Porsche Club of South Africa, Cape Region 01/03/1976
057. Porsche Club Sverige 08/05/1976
058. Porsche 356 Club Nederland 01/06/1976
059. Porsche 356 Club of Japan 01/08/1976
060. Porsche Club Monasteria Münster e.V. 06/10/1976

The fact that the first Club established on the Asian continent was a 356 Club shows how highly desirable a collector’s item the Porsche 356 had become, only eleven years after production ceased. The 356 Holiday are very famous among car enthusiats in Japan and take place since the late 90s.

The Porsche 924 is added to the Porsche AG portfolio. At the end of its first trading year, the 924 already represents 48 per cent of automotive sales. Up until 1988, some 150,684 Porsche 924s were produced.

Introducing it in 1976, Porsche developed the 936 Spyder specifically for the World Sportscar Championship. By the fourth of the seven scheduled races, Porsche had already clinched the championship.

The first victory for a Turbo Porsche came in Le Mans – the 936 driven by Jacky Ickx and Gijs van Lennep.


In spring 1977, Porsche presents the Porsche 928 in the category of high-performance luxury sports car. The Porsche 928 has a light-alloy eight-cylinder engine and an aluminium chassis with a “Weissach” rear axle, designed to eliminate oversteer. Thanks to chief designer Anatole Lapine, Porsche also breaks the mould in design – the 928’s design is still appreciated today.

On 3rd of June, 29 years since the production of the first Porsche, Porsche celebrates the production of its 250,000th sports car. The company also successfully defends its position in the Manufacturers World Championship in a Porsche 935. J. Ickx/J. Barth/H. Haywood win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in a Porsche 936.


061. Porsche Model Club Europe 01/01/1978
062. Porsche Club Darmstadt 10/01/1978
063. Porsche Club Vorarlberg 26/01/1978
064. Porsche Club Luzern 24/11/1978
065. Porsche Club Kurpfalz e.V. 30/11/1978

The Darmstadt und Kurpfalz Clubs were established in Germany, Porsche Club Vorarlberg was founded in Austria and Porsche Club Luzern came into being in Switzerland.

The primary consideration that led to the setting up of one particular new Club was a sense of scale, when the Porsche Model Club Europe was founded on 01/01/1978. Its members are not required to own a full-size Porsche, though they are certainly welcome to.

For this club, 1:43 is not just a measure of small sports cars, but the measure of all things. Between them its members have collected thousands of the tiny models, which they lovingly tend and catalogue.

1978 sees the introduction of the 924 Turbo. International race victories include a sixth triumph in the Manufacturers World Championship and the European Hill Climb Championship.

The private team of Jean-Pierre Nicolas and Vincent Laverne triumphs in the Monte Carlo Rallye in a 911 Carrera. In the East African Safari, two Porsche 911 SCs line up at the start in the legendary Martini style. The 935/78 “Moby Dick”, the most powerful versionof a Porsche 911 to date, races in Le Mans.


066. Porsche Club München e.V. 13/01/1979
067. Porsche 356 IG Deutschland e.V. 01/05/1979

The Porsche 356 Interessengemeinschaft [interest group] is established in May 1979 as the regional association for the Cologne area. At present, its members own 120 roadworthy 356 models produced between 1952 and 1965. One of the Porsche 356 models even achieves film fame. A German television network was on the hunt for a red 356 Cabriolet for a television documentary about the life of the international film star Romy Schneider.

In 1979 the 928 S – now producing 300 hp – is launched on the market. Landmark success arrives for the 935 in 1979, in the shape of the private Kremer team and their 935.

From 1978 the company withdraws from the Endurance World Championship, leaving the field leaving the field clear for private Porsche teams.


068. Porsche Club Norge 01/01/1980

The Porsche Club Norge is founded on 01/01/1980. This is followed on 13/10/1980 by the Porsche Club Lüneburger Heide e.V..

In December 1979, Porsche announces plans to enter the 1980 Indianapolis 500-Mile Race. But regulatory problems cause Porsche to abandon the Indy project in March 1980.

The 924 Carrera GTP, with a 2.0-litre turbo engine producing 320 hp, is among the prototypes competing in Le Mans.


070. VW-Porsche 914 Deutschland Club e.V. 01/01/1981
071. Porsche Club Ortenau e.V. 06/04/1981
072. Papillon Porsche Club St. Gallen 10/04/1981
073. Porsche Club Allgäu e.V. 25/06/1981
074. Nederlandse Porsche Club 25/09/1981
075. Porsche Club Trier e.V. 15/10/1981
076. VW-Porsche 914 Club Schweiz 06/12/1981

In early 1981, the VW-Porsche 914 Club Deutschland e.V. is founded. At the end of the year, the VW-Porsche 914 Club Schweiz is established. The VW-Porsche fan base keeps on growing: “Our aim is to ensure the long-term survival of our vehicles, and we value sociability, joint events and the sharing of experiences between like-minded people.”

Porsche exhibits the Porsche 944 at the Frankfurt Motor Show (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, IAA).

In Le Mans, a 936 Spyder from 1976/1977, which has been fitted with a new engine, joins the starting line-up of the race. Jacky Ickx and Derek Bell win the race, with a 14-lap lead over a Rondeau-Ford.

The Porsche victory in 1981 in Le Mans also marks an anniversary: thirty years previously, Porsche had joined the line-up of this race, the most famous long-distance race in the world, for the first time.

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Carsten Horn

1972: 911 Carrera RS 2.7

1973: The final Targa Florio, an overall victory for Porsche

1973: 917/30 Spyder, the most powerful racing car of its day

1973: Important for the US market: newly designed safety bumpers

1974: A typical West Coast Holiday of the 356 Registry

1975: Keep on Rollin’: The cars were not the only things that were brightly coloured at PCA Parades at that time

1975: PCA event in 1975

1976: Porsche Club Sverige’s factory visit

1976: Still going strong, the Porsche 356 Club of Japan

1976: Largest Club growth in 2020 in Germany: the Porsche Club Monasteria

1977: Presentation of the Porsche 928 at Geneva Auto Show

1977: Big win at Le Mans: Barth/Ickx/Haywood

1978: Meeting of Club Presidents in Ludwigsburg

1978: Nicolas and Laverne at the Rallye Monte Carlo

1978: Todays President of the Model Cub Europe is the dutch Henk Koop

1979: Time tunnel: the office of the 356 IG in the early 80s

1980: Concours d’Elégance at PCA Parade Portland 1980

1980: A german Porsche Club Meeting in 1980

1980: All brand new: Porsche Meeting in Kirchen-Hausen 1980. A lot of Turbos!

1981: Founded in 1981 the Porsche 914 Club Deutschland played a major role at the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 914 in 2019.


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